A rainy day can be comforting when you’re holed up inside with a warm blanket, but it’s not so great for you – or your hair – the minute you walk out the door. The threat of wet, frizzy hair is enough to keep some ladies glued to BET or Netflix when they should be out with their gal pals. How do you make sure those shiny tresses stay dry and happy when Mother Nature is out in full force? That Stranger Things marathon can wait! Check out the tips below.

It’s in The ‘Do

Water can’t get you down when you’re sporting a special ‘do. Flowing hair is awesome, but it’s better to go with dreadlocks and other hair braiding styles such as Crochet Braids, Cornrow Braids, Individual braids, Kinky twists or Tree braids that you can keep under a protective covering. These styles are super easy to tackle and don’t take up too much time in front of the mirror

Under My Umbrella

Ah, the umbrella. This marvelous invention is society’s go-to accessory when it comes to staying dry. You can get one in just about every color and size imaginable – seriously. Whether you’ve got a thing for Sanrio characters or orange polka dots, there’s an umbrella out there for you.

Hats Are Where It’s At

If you don’t have an umbrella handy or just want an extra layer of protection, you can’t go wrong with a hat. Wide-brimmed head-tie or hats work better than your average head topper and add a touch of style to any outfit. Best of all, they’re not just a summer thing – they work in the spring and fall, too!

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