Maybe you’ve noticed a few changes around SF/BAY AREA AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING. “Hmm,” you said to yourself, “I wonder what that shop is that they’re talking about?” We’re proud to tell you that we now have a store that offers African gift items. But should you take a little trip to visit, or should you get your hair braided and move on? That Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is calling your name, right? Hey, hot stuff, keep reading – we’re sure you’ll find something worth sticking around to check out.

Connect with African Culture

It doesn’t matter if you’re not directly connected to a culture – it’s super fun to expand your horizons! Take a walk around and you’re bound to find something that calls to you, whether it’s one of our fantastic head wraps or our enticing, raw African black soap. You won’t know what to pick up and look at first – but we dare you to try!

Find Something Awesome for Friends and Family

Your niece needs a birthday gift. You have to pick up a few stocking stuffers before the holiday season craziness. What do you do? Head on over to our hole in the wall, of course. We’ve got something for everybody. For the fashionista who always has to look good, we have earrings and waist beads. For the person who can’t leave the house without a million things, check out our awesome purse selection.

Relax, This Is “You” Time!

This time can be all about you. No kids, no hubby, no demanding coworkers. Just you. Take your time. Breathe. Shop. You’ll feel better.

For more information about our new store, visit SF/BAY AREA AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING – we don’t bite.