1. Protecting Your Hair at an Amusement Park

    When you’re looking for summer excitement (and sugary snacks you know aren’t good for you), you can’t go wrong with a trip to an amusement park. But wait – when you’re out and about all day, your hair can suffer the consequences. Before you dig the car keys out of your purse, you better come up with a plan for your hair. It’s all about the Style. Roller coasters are a lot of fun, b…Read More

  2. SF Bay Area African Hair Braiding

    Our salon offers professional African hair braiding at affordable prices. You will also have your appointment with some of the nicest of ladies you will ever meet. Feel right at home at our salon. Unlike other salons you may have been to, we strive for quality, and our staff are the fastest braiders in the area. As a "thank you: to out clients, we offer free Wi-Fi on site!! Bay Area African Hair …Read More