1. Should You Visit Our New African Gift Store?

    Maybe you’ve noticed a few changes around SF/BAY AREA AFRICAN HAIR BRAIDING. “Hmm,” you said to yourself, “I wonder what that shop is that they’re talking about?” We’re proud to tell you that we now have a store that offers African gift items. But should you take a little trip to visit, or should you get your hair braided and move on? That Starbucks pumpkin spice latte is calling you…Read More

  2. Tips to Keep Your Hair Dry On Rainy Days

    A rainy day can be comforting when you're holed up inside with a warm blanket, but it's not so great for you - or your hair - the minute you walk out the door. The threat of wet, frizzy hair is enough to keep some ladies glued to BET or Netflix when they should be out with their gal pals. How do you make sure those shiny tresses stay dry and happy when Mother Nature is out in full force? That Stra…Read More

  3. Stop! Don’t Do These Things When You Get Out Of the Shower

    Nothing beats a refreshing shower. It’s a time to reflect, imagine, and practice your epic rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” But before you hop in and make with the water, there are a few things you need to know about caring for wet hair. Are you making these common mistakes? Keep reading to find out! Roughing It Up We’ve all done it at some point – the minute you step out o…Read More

  4. Your Hair: How Long Is Too

    Is longer really better? Some ladies (and a few gentlemen) aspire to grow their lovely locks as long as possible, but when is it time to grab the trusty scissors? If your inquiring mind wants to know, get out your pen and paper and check out the clues below! It's Always Getting Caught in Stuff: You're minding your own business, zipping up your coat for the chilly walk to the car, when suddenly …Read More

  5. Protecting Your Hair at an Amusement Park

    When you’re looking for summer excitement (and sugary snacks you know aren’t good for you), you can’t go wrong with a trip to an amusement park. But wait – when you’re out and about all day, your hair can suffer the consequences. Before you dig the car keys out of your purse, you better come up with a plan for your hair. It’s all about the Style. Roller coasters are a lot of fun, b…Read More

  6. Wash Those Tangles Right Out Of Your Hair (Extensions)

    Another day, another tangled mess of hair. It never seems to end. What are you, a walking bird’s nest? What’s a fabulous woman like yourself supposed to do? Fear not – your hair extensions don’t have to come to the dark side. Check out these tips and give your ‘do a fighting chance. Silky Smooth You don’t know luxury until you’ve slept on a silk pillowcase. Not only does it feel go…Read More

  7. SF Bay Area African Hair Braiding

    Our salon offers professional African hair braiding at affordable prices. You will also have your appointment with some of the nicest of ladies you will ever meet. Feel right at home at our salon. Unlike other salons you may have been to, we strive for quality, and our staff are the fastest braiders in the area. As a "thank you: to out clients, we offer free Wi-Fi on site!! Bay Area African Hair …Read More