salon-1The girls from the Old African Safari are back together!

Professional Hair Braiding at affordable prices with the nicest of ladies. Feel right at home at our salon for the best African hair braiding around. And you get free Wi-Fi on site!

Meet Amma:

Born and raised in Africa’s rich cultural environment, Amma learned to hair braiding at the age of 10 and has continued braiding for many years. She comes highly recommended in the Bay Area as one of the best braiders in the city, with years of experience in African hair braiding, natural hair weaves, and locks. She works with her customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. Not only is she a knowledgeable and a skilled braid stylist in the Bay Area, she’s also accommodating and very professional. She does an impeccable job with all hair types and textures. As a delightful salon owner, she is absolutely pleased when braiding everyone’s hair. Regardless of their cultural background, Amma will provide them with the best of braiding, weaves, and dreadlocks services. Without a doubt, she will work with what you can afford.

Meet Satta:

Meet our Liberian hair braider, Satta, who worked for almost 15 years at African Safari in San Francisco, the first braiding shop in California. She has owned and operated braiding salons for many years until recently, when she joined our SF/Bay Area African Hair Braiding Salon in San Francisco. She specializes in all styles of hair braiding and is extraordinarily talented in restoring hair. Satta’s main objective as a braider is to always please her customers and encourage them to keep their hair healthy.

Meet Benzi:

Meet our young Kenyan student, Benzi, who presently attends City College of San Francisco and to help support her education in hair braiding at the salon. She started braiding hair at age 12 and since then has had great opportunity to braid various customers’ hair. She loves caring for locks and her talent in braiding cornrows is astonishing and remarkable.

We also have other enthusiastic braiders from other parts of Africa who come in occasionally to braid hair and share tips on the latest hair-braiding styles on the continent. So come on down to the salon and become a beautiful swan!




Global Women Intact organization is devoted to raising awareness about female genital cutting (fgc) and provides alternative, arts-based and culturally appropriate rites of initiation that honor the intact and healthy bodies of girls and women. 20% of funds collected from our braiding services goes towards educating women and girls and building schools in West Africa.